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Match with co-founders based on your preferences for interests, skills, location, and more, and start building your company.

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Thousands of co-founders await
Join the largest co-founder matching platform to find the strongest candidate that’s right for you.
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We will match you with co-founders that best fit you based on what you’re looking for.
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We vet founders to ensure a high-quality match for everyone.
How does it work?
Create a profile and tell us about yourself and your preferences for a co-founder.
Once approved, we'll show you profiles that fit your preferences.
If a profile piques your interest, send a personalized message to invite them to connect.
If they accept your invite, that's a match! We recommend meeting ASAP and working together on a trial project.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is eligible for co-founder matching?
Anyone who is seriously looking for a co-founder! You can have an established company, or no idea at all. You can be solo or already have a co-founder, as long as you’re looking for another one.
Can I use the platform to sell services or hire people for my company?
No. The platform is solely for seeking co-founders. If we receive reports that you’re using co-founder matching for anything else, we will remove you from the platform.
I don't have a startup yet, should I still enroll?
Yes! You can sign up for Startup School and co-founder matching if you are thinking about starting a startup in the future. This doesn't inhibit you from finding a co-founder.
Will my profile be public? Can my employer find me?
No, your profile is not public to the internet. Your profile is visible only to other people who have been approved for co-founder matching.