• Trevor Blackwell
    Founder, Retired

    Trevor Blackwell is a roboticist who in 2007 built the first dynamically balancing biped robot. He has published papers on congestion control in high speed wide area networks, signalling protocol architecture, and file system performance. He has a BEng from Carleton, and a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard.

  • Paul Graham
    Founder, Retired

    Paul Graham is the author of On Lisp (1993), ANSI Common Lisp (1995), and Hackers & Painters (2004). In 1995, he and Robert Morris started Viaweb, the first SaaS company, which in 1998 became Yahoo Store. In 2002 he discovered a simple spam filtering algorithm that inspired the current generation of filters. He has an AB from Cornell and a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard.

  • Jessica Livingston

    Jessica Livingston was previously VP of marketing at investment bank Adams Harkness, where she managed an award-winning rebranding of the company. She is the author of Founders at Work (2007), a book of interviews with startup founders. She has a BA in English from Bucknell.

  • Robert Morris
    Founder, Retired

    Robert Morris is a professor of computer science at MIT, where he is a member of the PDOS group. He has published extensively on wireless networks, distributed operating systems, and peer-to-peer applications. In 1988 his discovery of buffer overflow first brought the Internet to the attention of the general public. He has an AB and PhD in Computer Science from Harvard.


  • Rich Aberman
    Visiting Group Partner
  • Elizabeth Akman
    Batch Director
  • Zain Ali
    Product Designer
  • Gustaf Alstromer
    Group Partner
  • Lindsay Amos
    Director of Communications
  • Luis Bacalao
    General Counsel, YC Continuity
  • Katherine Bernstein
    Product Engineer
  • Divya Bhat
    Visiting Group Partner
  • Tom Blomfield
    Visiting Group Partner
  • Matt Bogrand
    Principal, YC Continuity
  • Zach Both
    Video and Content Lead
  • Tim Brady
    Group Partner
  • Brendan Brown
    Head of Leadership Talent
  • Paul Buchheit
    Group Partner
  • Nicole Cadman
    General Counsel, Early Stage
  • Dalton Caldwell
    Managing Director, Architect and Group Partner
  • Craig Cannon
    Director of Content
  • Celia Cheung
    Fund Controller
  • Ryan Choi
    Product Manager, Work at a Startup
  • Carolyn Conway
    Admissions Manager and Data Scientist
  • Nic Dardenne
    Principal, YC Continuity
  • Joan DeGennaro
    Community Manager, Startup School
  • Ashutosh Desai
    Visiting Group Partner
  • Nicolas Dessaigne
    Group Partner
  • Doug Duhaime
    Product Engineer
  • Aaron Epstein
    Group Partner
  • Brad Flora
    Group Partner
  • Jared Friedman
    Managing Director, Software and Group Partner
  • Daniel Gackle
    Hacker News
  • Adele Gower
    Operations Manager
  • Anu Hariharan
    Managing Director, YC Continuity
  • Margot Helm
    Executive Assistant, YC Continuity
  • Bill Hopkins
    Facility Manager
  • Diana Hu
    Visiting Group Partner
  • Zach Kamran
    Product Engineer
  • Gaby Kapp
    Legal Counsel
  • Tamanna Khemani
    Outreach Manager
  • Tommy Kilmer
    Admissions Manager and Software Engineer
  • Ani Kochiashvili
    FP&A Associate
  • Krishna Korupolu
    Associate, YC Continuity
  • Tiffany Kosolcharoen
    Investment Research Director
  • Victoria Krauchunas
    Admissions Manager
  • Chantel LaPierre
    Legal Analyst
  • Carolynn Levy
    Managing Director, Legal and People Ops
  • Jon Levy
    Managing Director, Partnerships
  • Catheryn Li
    Product Engineer
  • Yijia Liang
    Research Associate
  • Matt Long
    Product Engineer
  • Simon Lu
    Chief Operating Officer, YC Continuity
  • Irina Lukashuk
    Fund Accounting Manager
  • Mia Mabanta
    Director of Talent and Programs, YC Continuity
  • Emily Manashi
    Fund Accounting Manager
  • Kat Mañalac
    Head of Outreach
  • Renee Mars
    Director of People Operations
  • Brigid McCurdy
    Legal Counsel
  • Micah Morgan
    Legal Analyst
  • Eliana Moorer
    Finance Coordinator
  • Casey Muller
    Product Engineer
  • Kirsty Nathoo
    Managing Director, Finance
  • Paige Omura
    Operations & Programs Manager, Work at a Startup
  • Yna Ortega
    Fund Accounting Manager
  • Oliver Ortlieb
    Product Engineer
  • Eni Oyeleye
    Legal Analyst
  • Sean Pennino
    Admissions Manager
  • Alex Petersen
    Senior Legal Counsel
  • Jeff Peterson
    Product Engineer
  • Steven Pham
    Online Community Director
  • Verena Prescher
    Director of Finance
  • Angela Prochnow
    Legal Operations & Innovation Program Manager
  • Geoff Ralston
  • Ali Rowghani
    Managing Director, YC Continuity
  • Carly Ruiz
    Project Support, YC Continuity
  • Arnav Sahu
    Senior Associate
  • Surbhi Sarna
    Group Partner
  • Michael Seibel
    Managing Director, Early Stage and Group Partner
  • Lindsay Selvitelle
    Director of Events
  • Karan Shah
    Senior Associate, YC Continuity
  • Chris Simon
    Data Entry Specialist
  • Stephanie Simon
    Managing Admissions Officer
  • Blake Stockman
    Technical Talent Manager
  • Frank Stratton
    Product Engineer
  • Christine Sun
    Associate, YC Continuity
  • Harj Taggar
    Group Partner
  • Mark Thurman
    Product Engineer
  • Shirley Truy
  • Tatyana Veremyova
  • Shellie Wong
    Fund Accounting Manager